About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Sydney Metro College (SMC) is a unique and dynamic vocational institution. Situated at the heart of Australia’s biggest and one of the most beautiful city of Sydney and Melbourne, SMC is a collective endeavour of a group of professionals and educational entrepreneurs passionately involved in the educational sector.

Our courses offer a unique blend of conceptual and practical skills to fully prepare graduates for the challenging needs of job market. With an emphasis on quality learning opportunities for students, SMC is committed to the agenda of ‘Education for Success’, so as to prepare students for challenging business careers in Australia and abroad.

Why Sydney Metro College

  1. We offer innovative curriculum to meet the changing needs of the industry adopting a student-centred pedagogy with a flexibility to suit each student’s needs and the requirements of  Australian training packages.
  2. Centrally located campus at the heart of Sydney city, allowing you a flexibility to attend the college just before or after any work commitments you may have.
  3. Courses delivered by industry trained professionals departments to facilitate your further studies.

We endeavour to develop competitive advantage in our graduates is what makes us differently unique. You will have a dedicated group of service personnel at Sydney Metro College who will provide learning support pending on student needs and preferences.

Our Values and Commitment

Sydney Metro College has a set of following values, based on which it ensures the delivery of its commitment to students and stakeholders:


  • Academic excellence: Sydney Metro College strives for academic excellence and guarantees academic freedom and high ethical standards in its service.
  • Privacy, rights and freedom: Sydney Metro College uphold these values to enable students to have a trans-formative learning experience so they can excel in their professional career
  • Mutual respect and responsibility: Sydney Metro College’s faculties, students and the entire college management interact with each other to make the learning outcomes effective. Each of these Sydney Metro College stakeholders will respect the ideas of others and also become responsible for working together for a common cause. Fostering honest, trusting and mutually respectful relationships, which are driven by the principles of fairness, clarity and transparency
  • Continuous learning:  Sydney Metro College believes in learning through mistakes and taking self-corrective actions among the college staffs, faculties, students among others.
  • Collaboration and openness: Encouraging open discussion and constructive debate; working together to grow Sydney Metro College and produce exciting academic and professional outcomes.
  • Professionalism, responsiveness and accountability: Delivering our commitment to be agile and decisive and upholding the decisions that are made.

Our Mission

Education for Success”

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