Kurstie Richardson

Kurstie Richardson

Student Engagement Officers / Trainer and Assessor

Kurstie Richardson has enjoyed an extensive and successful career to date in the corporate and private business sectors. She embodies the whole concept of how putting in the effort translates into a rewarding and satisfying career.

Kurstie held a senior training management position with McDonalds, beinginstrumental in creating and providing corporate training modules to staff and management; however, she felt her true calling was taking on a role as a Trainer/Assessor in the Vocational Educational Training (VET) sector, training studentsfrom, China, Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Columbia, Indonesia, the Philippines andAfrica just to name a few nationalities that she has trained.

She gained the required Vocational qualifications assumed a trainer/assessor’s position with a reputable city-based VET Business College, specializing in business courses specifically designed forinternational students where she then earned rapid advancement opportunities, being promoted to College’s Events Coordinator and then also assuming the roleof Student Engagement Officer…. Meanwhile, simultaneously training students.

As Kurstie is always on the lookout for new and exciting challenges, she has recentlyJoined Sydney Metro college, and has taken on therole of Student Engagement Officer & trainer/assessor. The rolesare demanding, however, very satisfying.

Kurstie embodies all that we should expect from a modern day trainer/assessor -the right qualifications, the right attitude, the right commitment and just the rightamount of enthusiasm and dedication to make learning a pleasure.