Australia has a large range of accommodation options available to international students. With choices ranging from university accommodation or homestay to self-catered apartments or share houses, there’s an option to suit every personality and budget.
The costs will vary depending on your chosen state, city, and type of accommodation.


Short-term accommodation

Short-term accommodation options in Australia include: Hostels and discounted rates on hotels.



Renting can be done through a real estate agent or privately. When renting a property you will need to pay a security deposit or ‘bond’ (which is usually four weeks rent), as well as rent in advance (also usually four weeks). The bond is held to repair any damage that you, your house mates or house guests cause to the property while renting. Some, or all, of this amount may be refunded to you once your tenancy agreement has terminated.

For more information on your rights and obligations when renting in Australia you should visit the relevant government Fair Trading agency.


Campus Assistance

We are able to assist you in finding accommodation in Sydney, Australia. Accommodation in Sydney starts from approximately $250 per week. We can also organise and secure suitable accommodation for you at a fee of $250. If you would like to ask for further assistance, please speak to our admissions and marketing staff.



With homestay, you will live with a family in their home. Homestay can be a good option for younger students as you will have all the comforts of an established home, often with meals and cleaning included. Families offering homestay accommodation to international students are thoroughly screened to ensure they can provide a suitable living environment for students.


Legal protection

You have certain responsibilities to meet when it comes to paying accommodation expenses on time, cleaning and maintenance. You also have the right by law to feel secure in your property, maintained with working facilities. If there are any problems with your accommodation, talk to your agent or landlord (if renting), your international student support staff for on-campus living or the service where you found your homestay.

To find out more visit the relevant government Fair Trading agency in your state/territory.

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